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What is Bills Forecast?

Bills Forecast app is a beautifully designed, user friendly app that allows you to easily understand and manage your bills. Bills Forecast does not provide financial advice, but provides you with an opportunity to forecast and manage your finances without needing to always refer to your invoices. The purpose of this app is to make forecasting your bills quicker and easier with 3 different levels – low, medium and high – for the next 12 months. Forecast with push notification reminders and easily sync to your calendar.

What are bill levels and how do they work?

Bills Forecast’s levels default to 33% per level. This is based on your total bills per month. There are 3 levels available – low, medium and high. The levels help each user budget their month to month bills. For example, if your lowest month is January, this would be the best month to go on a holiday or make large purchases. Tip: Breaking down or moving your bills to divide them evenly over the year can help you control your finances.

How do I adjust my bill levels?

The default level is 33% per level based on your total bills per month. To adjust the levels
Go to Setting > Options Group > click on Levels > Default Levels – change to Custom Levels. Adjust the level to suit you. You can change this anytime as required.

What are bill categories?

Bills Forecast’s categories are to help you determine which bills are personal or for business. There are 4 additional custom categories that you can add to your preferences. For example; education bills, family bills, child #1’s bills, child #2’s bills, investment bills, spouse’s bills and property bills etc.

What is the type of bill?

There are two types of bills on this app, those that are fixed and those that are varied. As you enter each bill you select which ‘type’ applies. From the information you enter you will be able to work out your average monthly cost. Please note, when you receive your push notifications for an bills listed as varied, they will state the average cost per bill, not exact amounts.

How do I edit / remove bills?

Select the month you want to edit. Under the month’s overview is a list of all your bills for that month. Swipe left on any bill to reveal edit / remove (trash) buttons. If you choose to remove a recurring bill, this will also remove all future bills.

How to use the Graph?

Click on the graph button located at the bottom of the screen. The graph gives you an overview of your bills for the next 12 months. Drag the indicator bar from month to month to view the total bills for each month.

Where to find ‘Next 14 Days’ bills?

Click on the 14+ button located at the bottom of the screen. This will display any bills you have in the next 14 days.

How do I reset/remove my Bills Forecast’s data from iCloud?

If you had a bug or experienced a crash in Bills Forecast – Go to your Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Bills Forecast > Edit > Delete All. Then restart your app and re-enter your bills.

How do I use iCloud sync?

iCloud is a service running in the background on your device and updates may take a few seconds or several minutes to appear on other devices via wifi. After the initial sync is complete, changes are sent to iCloud anytime changes are made, and changes from other devices are processed anytime iCloud notifies Bills Forecast of updates. To enable this feature on your devices, turn on in your Documents & Data section of iCloud. If this was turned off, Bills Forecast won’t be able to use iCloud sync. Prior to version 1.0.2, you will need to wait a few seconds or several minutes then restart the application.