Bills Forecast: the first month update

Bills Forecast

android-iconGuys, finally here is the new version of Bills Forecast 1.1. We got a lot of feedback from users and worked super hard to improve our app. In addition there’s good news for Android users because we’re now building Bills Forecast for Android.

We have received some feedback asking to mark the bill as paid. We want to clear up what our app is about. Bills Forecast is a simple app for everyone to use for forecasting future bills, month to month, with levels to help you to put money aside for each month. Its not suitable for tracking your expenses or viewing past history of bills. Why? Not everyone likes to records their expenses or needs an accounting app to manage their expenditures daily. Bills Forecast simply helps you to see what bills are upcoming so you can put money aside. Simply enter bill details once, receive push notifications and view future bills with 12 month overview. We felt there is high percentage of people with a busy lifestyle and have no time for finance so we focused on a simple finance app.

However, the great news is, we are looking to build a “Pro” version (app name TBA) of Bills Forecast to sync with, tracking and budgeting regularly to help manage your savings and finance with many more functions to help get more organised.  If you can’t wait for this, a suggestion is to simply add all bills to your calendar via our app and mark as “Paid” on the calendar once you’ve made the payment, that way you can track your history on your calendar.

Also, Bills Forecast has had some interesting things happen since we launched the first app.

Featured in TUAW, Gizmodo (US), Life Hacker, The Australian, Gizmodo (AUS), App Advice, Gizmodo (UK) and more. 


Featured on App Store
– Best New Apps Main Banner in China
– Best New Apps Small Banner 17 countries
– Finance 1st Top Paid iPhone in 23 countries
– Finance 1st Top Grossing iPhone in 16 countries
– Finance 1st Top Paid iPad in 27 countries
– Finance 1st Top Grossing iPad in 10 countries.

What’s new and improved in version 1.01, 1.0.2, 1.0.3, and 1.1
– Added iCloud sync notification
– Added every 4 weeks recurring
– Added the option to cancel the Due Date when editing bills
– New app icon and identity
– Improved swipe to return previous screen (iPhone)
– Added Currencies
– Custom bill level function improved
– Improved memory and performance for iPad/iPhone
– Added passcode functionality
– Added create new category when adding or edit bill
– Added 3 more new custom categories
– Currency symbol corrected when added to calendar
– Added income options weekly, fortnightly or monthly
– Show version number on ‘More Information’ page
– General issues and bugs fixed

We hope that you will like the latest version of Bills Forecast and that you will support us in sharing it in social networks and rating the app on the Apple store. Thank you for your feedback, comments and support.

Download link for Bills Forecast :

Toby & Dean
Minus4º Team