Live Better. Control Your Bills.
Are your bills in control of you instead of you being in control of them?
Are you constantly surprised by new bills each month?
Have you made any purchases only to regret them when you find big bills in the mail?
Then look no further, this app is for you!

Bills Forecast on iPhones
The simplest way to forecast your future bills.
Great Design. Easy to use.

Bills Forecast Showcase
Next 14 Days,12 Months Graph
& Push Notification Message
Helping you to control your finances.

Bills Forecast on iPad and iPhone
iPhone & iPad iCloud Sync
iCloud sync your bills between all Apple smart devices
iPhone, mini iPad, iPad Air and iPad
You only pay $1.99 for an app for all your iPhone & iPad devices

Settings Icon
'Settings' customise to suit you and
learn more about this app
Forecast Icon
'Forecast' track your average weekly,
monthly or yearly bills
Next 14 Days Icon
'Next 14 Days' shows what bills are coming
in the next 14 days
Edit Bill Icon
'Edit Bill' edit your bills
Add Bill Icon
'Add Bill' simply add all your bills
Trash Bin Icon
'Trash Bin' delete your bills
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